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About Us

Let me start by introducing my self, I am Ryan owner of RCR auto repair and sales. Since I was 15 I started my passion of working on vehicles. I worked on all types from NASCAR sanctioned racecars, regular everyday commuter cars, to restored car show cars. My passion is getting things right and making sure vehicles are on the road and performing at there "better then new" ability.  

Starting the repair shop was a no brainer in what is next for me. Building a team that can handle any repair just like at the dealership, but most importantly it was making sure that the customer vehicle is handled with care and making sure it is safe on the road. Here at RCR auto we do everything from check engine work to a simple oil change or just checking over your vehicle to make sure it is safe.

Stop in today and see our team and let us make sure your vehicle is safe and reliable on the road today

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